Want Guidance In
Your Life?

Phone Readings Available

If you are looking for guidance from the comfort of your home, I am happy to help you with a phone reading.

Please contact me to book in a time which suits you.

I am also continuing to offer in-person readings.

Does This Sound Like You?

Are you feeling lost and confused about your life?

Are you going through a time of upheaval and turmoil?

Do you want insight and guidance about your future? A feeling of renewed hope? Reassurance that you are on the right path?

Do you need help with making a major decision?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get some direction about how things are going to work out for you?

Maybe you would like to know when and how your finances are going to improve…

Whether it’s the right time to set up a business

Or whether it could be time to change careers

You may be seeking insight into niggling health issues

Or whether your romantic interest is right for you…

Alternatively, you may be yearning to connect with loved ones who have passed over to the other side…

I have helped thousands of clients over the years with the above questions and more.

Many of my clients come back to me again and again for further guidance and insight once they see how accurate my readings are.

I am nonjudgemental and you will feel safe asking me any questions you have about your life.

Discover the answers and free yourself from worries!

My Story

I was fortunate enough to be born with a unique psychic gift. From a very young age I had powerful feelings of deja vu which could not be explained. As a small child I remember running away from my mother to sit and chat with the gypsies in the market, who immediately recognised my latent talents.

I started putting my gift to use when I discovered coffee readings on an overseas trip. At the age of 24, a mentor took me under her wing and gave me an old tarot card deck to practice with. I was delighted that I could help others by channelling my intuition through the cards. After that, I embarked on an exciting journey of teaching myself about tarot, astrology and numerology by devouring books and practising on friends.

Today, I help others to become more aware of their life path and their destiny through tarot, coffee cup readings, detailed astrology charting and numerology analysis. In addition, I have the powers of clairaudience (being able to read someone’s mind when they are not there), clairsentience (sensing a person’s aura and vibrations) and psychometry (reading the energies of an object). 

As a psychic in Melbourne, I also help people to communicate with loved ones who have passed over. In addition, I run courses for those who wish to explore their intuition, become more self aware and in turn help others!


We all have unanswered questions about our future and what it holds for us. Our destiny can be changed if we wish, it’s just a question of using our free will and taking control of our lives!


I can help you get in touch with loved ones on the other side. There is nothing to be afraid of and the experience can be very liberating. I have helped many people achieve a sense of closure.

Evil Eye Removal

This is a very popular service I provide.  
It can take anywhere from ten minutes to an hour to remove an evil eye and cut all negative ties.  It’s well worth it!


Astrology is a very powerful tool to help you understand aspects of your personality and predict future events in your life.

“Monie Doumit’s readings are delivered with great accuracy and enthusiasm. She is a gifted woman who uses her skills to an advanced level.

Monie has given me extensive insight, answered questions, advised, guided and motivated me through my own personal journey of self discovery.

Her caring nature makes this woman not only a mother to three beautiful kids but a mother to all the world, and a teacher to anyone who meets her. A true Goddess!”

George Tsitsis

“Monie Doumit is truly an amazing and gifted woman!!! The first reading she gave me left me speechless at how accurate she was with everything going on in my life.

Since meeting Monie my life has changed for the better, she is such an inspiration to me.

Her enthusiasm and passion for her work is incredible, I’ve also attended classes that Monie runs, and I’ve loved every minute of it.

I’m am blessed to have Monie in my life!!

Thank you for everything Monie, your a gem xo”

Bianca Tabone